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I have decided that we should start cleaning the wikia up today and onwards with missions and priorities so...this is urgent news for the admins and contributors, however, the contributors do not need to follow these but they do need to make their own and/or other OC pages. Some can even make ship pages. 
This mainly acquires the admins: I, Pi, Blu and Shirou. 
Our first priority is to add all the characters accepted by the moderators on Demigod Creator to List of Characters. After that is finished, we should start creating the pages for those characters.
Reason I am asking for this is so that our wikia is up-to-date, because we are very far behind. I want for us to be able to add characters from the last pages of DC, not the beginning. xD 
Then, we should create the ships. I don't mind if you create the ships before finishing our first priority. I would probably do the same. 
At the same time for the ships and characters, categories MUST be put into the pages. For that reason, people can access character pages easier. 
Then, because I know everyone want images, the admins and contributors of their characters, can input their own images of the character. Permitted that it can only be faceclaim, fanart or your own created image. 
Also, because of recent discussions, the plots must be updated. 
Now, if you're asking about the cabins and where you can put the names of the characters under the cabin number and god. I put a heading for Unknown Cabins, just because we haven't been able to organise which cabins are which numbers. That will soon change sooner or later but right now, you should just put the characters under that name. 
I will deal with the navigations of the characters and hopefully make a navigation for the ships. If you have any quiries or suggestions to what we should do, there's the comments below. 
Thanks for reading, guys!
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