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    Alright, so, one thing you may have noticed is that some ages are a bit off. There's a reason, DP Wiki was founded in January 2015 by yours truly and most characters were added in 2015(some, like Pi's Gen or my De-Sue-ification of my character's process were established this year of 2016.) In the meantime, while the characters got their wiki page and now, their birthdays have come and gone unnoticed. This is an issue I've decided to take care of personally. Of course, all help will be appreciated in what can only be called the DP Stressmaker. Listing the birthday dates so that we can keep track of them. Of course, DP has nearly 300 pages and most are characters. It will be hard, but I think it can be done. After all, if I was absent from t…

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  • Booksandanimeareawesome

    Whew! That was a long acronym.

    Okay, so basically this blog post is a continuation of my first tutorial on the finer points of making an OC Page. I suppose this makes HTSMADWT a series now? I guess. That's too long of a title, but whatever. 

    As the title suggests, this topic is on how to use properly place a quote from a character on their wiki page. We have a handy-dandy wikia-generated quote template that has been activated on the DP wiki, so I strongly advise that you take advantage of using it. If you don't... well, I'll have to edit in the template, anyway, so you might as well save me some time. And it looks cooler than plain text, I can gurantee that. Anything looks cooler than plain text, actually, but I'm going off on a tangent.


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  • Booksandanimeareawesome

    Cath made the first OC page tutorial, which is probably the most helpful and most-used tutorial on this wiki. You can find it here.

    Anyway, Cath's tutorial only covered the basics, what you really need to know. And that's probably for the best, because most new users (and even some old ones) won't have much knowledge of HTML and wikitext and whatnot.

    But I'm lazy. And I don't want to go and clean up pages/photos/whatever is created here. So I've decided to make a blog post about it. Some of the things on here I'll yell at you for not doing, others I'll be like, "Meh. Whatever." But please. Save me time, and use this. If not... oh well.

    So this will be half tutorial, half rant. Let's get started.

    Categorizing OC pages

    There is no excuse for not d…

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  • ThinkStupid

    Here is a tutorial on how to make an OC page for those who don't know. 

    Write in the comments below if you need questions that need to be answered.

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  • ThinkStupid


    June 17, 2015 by ThinkStupid

    All pages will eventually have to be referenced.

    The reason for referencing is because we need to keep the pages with solid and real facts. Plus, it makes the pages cooler and smarter.

    To show, I have used Roni's page as an example.

    If still don't understand how to reference, tell me. :)

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  • Elusively Today

    I'm tired of stupid ol' failing on us and crashing, deleting our forum posts.

    It's annoying and boring and our admin/mods deal with it by locking topics, so we can't even attempt to post on DP.

    So maybe it's pointless to write it here, but I'm hoping this blog is noticed by someone, perhaps snaking its way into your email or notifications, and I'm sorry if I'm spamming your inbox. Maybe. 

    Whenever the (stupid) forum fails and deletes our posts, please come over to Live! Chat so we can actually talk or something. I've created a forum board here (go to the tab On the Wiki at the top of the page and click on Forum, but not on the Forum tab), we can RP or act weird on it, okay?

    Y'all know now that we can use the wiki for RP instead of…

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    For Fetch

    April 10, 2015 by ShirouGoenjiDPForum

    Today, April 9, a terrible thing has happened. Something that i will not discuss as it's private. But it's something that would demolish everyone's spirit, even of the strongest men of men or women. While we cannot help him with what's happened, i have made this for a user that has been on since day one. One of the best persons i've met online. Someone that always found a way to make us laugh at something or of him himself. And while we would laugh with what his characters did or said. Even with Jetch. Something he disliked but he still carried on. Fetch has been my friend and Cap's too. We're here with you, Fetch. All of us. Me, Cap, Blu, Cath, Id, MM, Sunny, Shannon, Blade, Wolf, Georgina, LL and everyone else. Demigod Power is with you.…

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  • ShirouGoenjiDPForum

    My characters

    February 25, 2015 by ShirouGoenjiDPForum

    Ok, Shirou here. Here's a (kinda) tutorial (or intro) to my characters. First, what or who are they based on?

    Character-Inspired in

    Shirou Latorre-Me.

    Daniel Wecht-Danny from NSP and Game Grumps.

    Hiruma Youichi-Hiruma from Eyeshield 21.

    Aegon Dustin-Aegon "the Conqueror" Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

    Rhaenys Dustin-Queen Rhaenys Targaryen from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

    Cregan Reed-Fully original. Name taken from Cregan Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

    Ok, this is short, but it's 1 in the morning. So take this as part 1 of my tutorial to my characters.

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  • ThinkStupid


    February 6, 2015 by ThinkStupid


    To make the wikia more accessible, I would like for all the characters that you have to be inserted into the comments below. You don't need to make an account, just type the names of your characters down and if possible, type the names of the characters you know that are active and that the RPers use.

    This might be thought to be useless but I'm trying to make at least one page for every OC and CANON characters that are in use to make the wikia more informative. It will also make the navigation template much more useful as I'd insert the names of the characters in.

    I would like you to write down the:

    First name + middle name (if is shown in the form to apply) + last name.

    Be sure to type down the nickname too.

    Godly parent

    And …

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