The Knights of Olympus are a powerful group of demigods who officially emerged for the first time shortly after the Rise of the Hierophant plot. Their mandate is to protect the world from enemies of the gods on a globel scale, using various resources from the 21st Century to take the half-blood/monster conflict to a whole new level.

History Edit

Roster Edit

  • Veronica Carter - Founder (retired); Benefactor (former)
  • Peter Tachytita/Rush - Founder (retired); Leader (former)
  • Jolon Edgecomb/Hellion - Founder (retired)
  • Dusk Starr/Nightmare - Member; Benefactor
  • Benjamin Ibarra/Crossfire - Member (deceased)
  • Taren Bastendorf/Harbinger - Member (former)
  • Tempest Wilder - Member
  • Kat Slate - Member (former)
  • Drew Adler - Leader (former)
  • Alaric Kinoshita - Leader
  • Oakley Hammond - Member; Mechanic
  • Dallas Jannsen - Member (deceased)
  • Baldur Green/Raven - Member
  • Shirou Latorre - Member
  • Damien Vance - Member
  • Kurando Hyuga - Member
  • Michiko Tsukino - Member


  • The Knights of Olympus share a number of similarities to the Justice League of DC Comics. Like the League, they were formed out of necessity to combat an aggressive invasion from a surprise enemy (Sentinel/aliens). They act without being governed by a higher authority and are privately funded by a billionaire benefactor. Also, the three founders of both groups were two men and one woman.

Enemies Edit

  • Ronins
  • Eteocles Kronidis/The Hierophant (deceased)
  • Lysimar
  • Algrias (deceased)
  • Deucalion (deceased)
  • Aiesha (deceased)
  • Nathaniel Thorne (deceased)
  • Chinatsu Himura (deceased)
  • Sargeras (deceased)

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