Demigod Power
is a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus roleplay forumon, where many people come to roleplay. The forum was created on April 18, 2014 by the creator and head admin, Percabethforever2511, also known as "Sunny".

There have been previous co-mods but the current co-mods are: Id65(Id), LL Lax(LL), Wrath of Carcosa (Josh), and georgina-indajungle.[1]


Twelve Golden RulesEdit

Demigod Power has TWELVE golden rules that must be agreed upon before a user can actually partake in any fun of the forum:[1]
  • 1. Nothing should be changed/made up without the admin's permission.
  • 2. Committment is the most important here (the forum).
  • 3. Five characters maximum.
  • 4. No spamming or trolling.
  • 5. No cussing or using any bad words, minor swears okay in RP.
  • 6. No disrespecting any members.
  • 7. No describing unforgivable acts or felonies.
  • 8. No racism or any sorts of discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • 9. Give respect, you earn respect.
  • 10. No describing sexual acts in too much detail. No describing hidden body parts.
  • 11. Discussion and debate is encouraged but plain abuse or mocking will be condemned.
  • 12. Enjoy yourself; that's why you're here (again, the forum)!


These are the punishments for breaking the rules:
  • If you spam or troll any of these forums knowing that it is not allowed you will be banned for a month and your character(s) will be given to someone else.
  • If you cyber-bully or disrespect any member, you'll first get a warning and then the next time you'll be banned for a week, but if you continue to do so, you'll be banned forever.
  • So the main point is to respect and follow the rules.

Forum TriviaEdit

  • There are 75 topics on the forum.[2]
  • Demigod Power is the third largest Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus forum on, with over 300,000 posts.[2]
  • The difference between Demigod Power and Live It Up: Percy Jackson is just over 300,000 posts.[2]


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