Khione's cabin is made completly of ice and snow, the inspiration being the ice hotel in Sweden. The Khione cabin is smaller, but raises up to three stories. At the top is a 24-7 blizzard, raining snow around the cabin.

Inside, on the bottom floor of the cabin, the walls are decorated with large pictures of different snow scenes, which change every few days. The floor's are a dark pine, and all of the furniture is white. A bedroom is just off of the main room for the younger children of Khione, and a staircase leads to the second floor. On the second floor is the bathroom and the older campers bedroom. The two bedrooms are decorated in winter themes, one gravitating towards ice, the other snow.

Another staircase leads to the top floor, where a small library is situtated. Glass doors lead out to a rooftop patio, which always has a large amount of snow on it. The Khione cabin is always cold.[1]


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