While character ships are enjoyed by all of the users on the Demigod Power forum, user ships can be just as entertaining. Here is a list of the user ships currently on the DP forum.

  • Alu (Al x Blu)
  • Blu x muffins (Crackship)
  • Blurou (Blu x Shirou)
  • Cap x Id
  • Childer (Chaos x Wilder)
  • Clu (Cath x Blu)
  • Jal (Josh x Al)
  • Jetch (Jack Frost x Fetch)
  • Parental!Jlu (Josh x Blu)
  • Jorial (Josh x Orig x Al)
  • Jorig (Josh x Orig)
  • MaxiChloe (Maxine x Chloe(MM))
  • Oral (Orig x Al) (Crackship)
  • Original Summer (Orig x Wolfie)
  • Plu (Pi x Blu)
  • Wight (Wilder x Light)
  • Wirdie (Wilder x Birdie)
  • Wolfie x Chaos
  • Wolfie x Wilder

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