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    I'm tired of stupid ol' failing on us and crashing, deleting our forum posts.

    It's annoying and boring and our admin/mods deal with it by locking topics, so we can't even attempt to post on DP.

    So maybe it's pointless to write it here, but I'm hoping this blog is noticed by someone, perhaps snaking its way into your email or notifications, and I'm sorry if I'm spamming your inbox. Maybe. 

    Whenever the (stupid) forum fails and deletes our posts, please come over to Live! Chat so we can actually talk or something. I've created a forum board here (go to the tab On the Wiki at the top of the page and click on Forum, but not on the Forum tab), we can RP or act weird on it, okay?

    Y'all know now that we can use the wiki for RP instead of…

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