Alright, so, one thing you may have noticed is that some ages are a bit off. There's a reason, DP Wiki was founded in January 2015 by yours truly and most characters were added in 2015(some, like Pi's Gen or my De-Sue-ification of my character's process were established this year of 2016.) In the meantime, while the characters got their wiki page and now, their birthdays have come and gone unnoticed. This is an issue I've decided to take care of personally. Of course, all help will be appreciated in what can only be called the DP Stressmaker. Listing the birthday dates so that we can keep track of them. Of course, DP has nearly 300 pages and most are characters. It will be hard, but I think it can be done. After all, if I was absent from the Wiki for so long, it's only fair I do something huge to compensate.(Props to Cath, Blu and Pi, who kept this place together while I was off.) Now...where's my cup of coffee? I'm going to need it.

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