Today, April 9, a terrible thing has happened. Something that i will not discuss as it's private. But it's something that would demolish everyone's spirit, even of the strongest men of men or women. While we cannot help him with what's happened, i have made this for a user that has been on since day one. One of the best persons i've met online. Someone that always found a way to make us laugh at something or of him himself. And while we would laugh with what his characters did or said. Even with Jetch. Something he disliked but he still carried on. Fetch has been my friend and Cap's too. We're here with you, Fetch. All of us. Me, Cap, Blu, Cath, Id, MM, Sunny, Shannon, Blade, Wolf, Georgina, LL and everyone else. Demigod Power is with you. This is for you, Fetch.

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