To make the wikia more accessible, I would like for all the characters that you have to be inserted into the comments below. You don't need to make an account, just type the names of your characters down and if possible, type the names of the characters you know that are active and that the RPers use.

This might be thought to be useless but I'm trying to make at least one page for every OC and CANON characters that are in use to make the wikia more informative. It will also make the navigation template much more useful as I'd insert the names of the characters in.

I would like you to write down the:

First name + middle name (if is shown in the form to apply) + last name.

Be sure to type down the nickname too.

Godly parent

And try for the cabin number as it'll help a lot!

Thank you if you read this. Now I will try and think of a way to make the main page more representable and flashy. :)

- Catherine was here.

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